Chandler Relocation Attorney

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The decision to let one parent relocate with the children out of Arizona while the other parent remains behind in this state can be one of the most difficult decisions a family court judge has to make. The reason why these cases are so challenging is because they require the court to weigh many factors, not just why the parent wants to move out of state, but how it will impact the other’s parent’s relationship with the children and whether it is in the children’s best interest to move away.

The emotional impact of these cases can also be significant, for while one parent’s life may improve, the other’s is potentially ruined due to being deprived of regular or frequent contact with their child.

When one parent decides to move to a different state, many complex legal issues can arise, including custody and visitation rights, child support and more. Discussing your options with an experienced relocation attorney could be very beneficial for both parents. It is possible that by working together, parents and their lawyer can develop a workable arrangement that both parties accept and which avoids further legal battles.

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